Privacy Policy

(hereinafter "Regulations")

This document applies to the website (hereinafter referred to as the "WEBSITE") managed by:

True Restaurant performing business undertakings as Gastronomique sp. Z o.o. sp.k. with the registered headquarters of the undertaking located in Gdańsk ul. Doki 1 entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity ( under the following TIN no.: 5833274675 and REGON no.: 368863983.

Contact details:
• phone number: 727600601
• e-mail address:
• delivery address: ul. Doki 1 , 80-958 Gdańsk

(hereinafter referred to as the "ADMINISTRATOR")

Terms and Conditions

1. Those terms and Conditions shall specify:  
   a. terms of provision of services via the WEBSITE within the meaning of the Act of  18th  July 2002 on digital service rendering (The Journal of Laws of 2020; pos. 344).;
   b. conditions of collecting, processing, and archiving data pertaining to User’s actions performed within the WEBSITE;
   c. terms of collecting, processing and using personal data of the User provided while using the WEBSITE.
2. Those Terms and Conditions shall be binding for all Users using the Website.
3. Those Terms and Conditions shall be are available on the WEBSITE and can be accessed and downloaded at any time. Their content can be recorded, especially by printing the document or saving it on a desired carrier. 

Technical requirements

1. User can utilize the WEBSITE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2. In order to use the WEBSITE, the User must have the access to an IT system meeting the following minimum technical requirements:
   a. computer or mobile device (end device);
   b. Internet access;
   c. access to electronic mail (e-mail);
   d. web browser;
   e. Cookies and JavaScript enabled in the web browser.
3. By taking advantage of the services provided via the WEBSITE, the User shall opt for additional technical measures (antivirus programs, firewalls) in order to minimize the potential risks associated with the use of the Internet network (e.g.: harmful/malicious software).
4. ADMINISTRATOR shall make every effort to ensure that the WEBSITE is properly supported by Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Apple Safari.
5. ADMINISTRATOR shall do its best to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the WEBSITE, excluding force majeure, unlawful actions of third parties aimed at destroying or disrupting the IT system, as well as either incorrect or unpredictable functioning of web browsers (errors, updates, unsupported functionalities). 


1. Use of this Website shall be equivalent to familiarizing oneself with the content published on the WEBSITE or using any of its functions.
2. Using the WEBSITE shall be done in a manner that is:
   a. lawful;
   b. in line with good manners;
   c. in line with those Terms and Conditions;
   d. not disrupting with regard to its functioning;
   e. not burdensome for other Users and the ADMINISTRATOR.
3. We may place links within the scope of the Website that may take the User to content provided by third parties. While deciding to use the content to which such links refer, the User shall do so at his or her own risk and on terms and conditions specified by third parties administering such websites. 


1. While using the WEBSITE, all the inquiries to the server
are saved and then stored in its logs.
2. Following data are saved in server logs:
   a. IP address (Internet Protocol );
   b. date and time of using the WEBSITE;
   c. operations performed on the WEBSITE;
   d. basic information about the web browser;
   e. basic information about the device used;
   f. basic information about the operating system used.
3. Data stored in server logs cannot be assigned to a specific person so such pieces of information cannot be used to identify a particular User.
4. Data stored in the server logs shall be used for the purpose of managing, improving and developing the WEBSITE only.


1. To contact the ADMINISTRATOR or other entities managing the WEBSITE, the User may take advantage of the contact form or the e-mail address provided.

2. In the case of utilizing the form available on the WEBSITE or sending messages to the e-mail address provided, the User’s personal data shall be processed in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27th  April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, on the free movement of such data, and on the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (the General Regulation on Data Protection) (the Journal of Laws of the EU of 2016, no. 119, p. 1, with amendments, hereinafter referred to as the "GDPR").

3. ADMINISTRATOR shall ensure that it protects Users’ personal data in accordance with applicable law and security protection standards.

Personal data

1. ADMINISTRATOR shall also serve as the administrator of User’s personal data as specified by the GDPR.
2. In all matters related to the User’s personal data, the User may contact the ADMINISTRATOR using contact details provided within the framework of this document.
3. User’s data personal shall be processed:
   a. in order to identify the User as the sender and to provide the User with answers to his or her questions (legal basis: Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR);
   b. to make the User an offer or execute the concluded contract (legal basis: Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR);
   c. in order to keep statistics related to the way Users utilize the WEBSITE (legal basis: Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR).
4. Only authorized entities shall have access to the User’s personal data, such as:
   a. entity providing accounting services for the ADMINISTRATOR;
   b. entity providing legal services for the ADMINISTRATOR;
   c. entities providing services related to individual functionalities of the WEBSITE (hosting, chat, mailing system, etc.);
   d. authorized employees and contractors of the ADMINISTRATOR;
5. Administrator shall not transfer personal data of the User outside Poland/EU/ European Economic Area.
6. User’s personal data shall not be processed in an automated manner, including profiling.
7. Personal data of the User shall be stored for the period of 6 years in order to consider possible User’s claims and to ensure further handling of User’s inquiries submitted via the WEBSITE.
8. Administrator informs that the User shall have the right to:
   a. access his or her personal data;
   b. receive a copy of his or her personal data;
   c. request rectification (correction) of his or her personal data;
   d. request the removal of his or her personal data;
   e. request limiting the scope of processing of  personal data ;
   f. object to the processing of his or her personal data due to a specific situation of the User;  
   g. file a complaint to a supervisory body, i.e. to the Chairman of Personal Data Protection, Stawki 2 Street, 00-193 Warsaw;
   h. request his or her personal data to be transferred.
9. User shall contact the ADMINISTRATOR if he or she wishes to exercise his or her rights related to his or her personal information.
10. Provision of personal data is voluntary, yet it is vital to conclude the contract or send a reply to the User’s request sent via available contact form or e-mail address available within the scope of the WEBSITE.
11. In the event of refusal of the User to provide personal data, the Administrator may refuse to conclude a contract with the User or to respond to his or her inquiry sent via the contact form or e-mail address available within the WEBSITE.

Cookie files

1. When the User visits the WEBSITE using the browser of his or her choosing, information will be displayed about the use of Cookies by the ADMINISTRATOR (hereinafter referred to as "Cookies"). More information about Cookies can be found at
2. Cookies are text information sent to the User by the server.
3. Cookies are saved and stored on the User’s device in order to allow for browsing the WEBSITE and using its functionalities (computers, tablets, smartphones, and  similar devices).
4. At any time, the User can change Cookie file-related settings in his or her browser used to access the WEBSITE and its functionalities.  
5. Disabling or significantly limiting the use of cookies may cause difficulties in using the WEBSITE or inability to utilize some of its functionalities.
6. Depending on their type and functionality, Cookies can be divided into:
   a. Session-specific cookies, which are removed after closing the browser;
   b. Persistent cookies, which are stored on the device while browsing the WEBSITE and using its functionalities and make it possible to recognize the browser used.
7. Cookies contain information about:
    a. website of origin;
   b. their unique number;
   c. their unique storage time;
   d. their type.
8. We use cookies to:
   a. optimize of the use the WEBSITE and its various functionalities;
   b. adjust the content of the WEBSITE to Users’ preferences;
   c. create anonymous statistical data pertaining to the way the WEBSITE is utilized by its Users. 
9. To ensure the User the ability to utilize the WEBSITE and its various functionalities, the following Cookie types can be utilized: 
   a. Cookies "necessary" to use the website (e.g. authentication files);
   b. "Security-based" Cookies (e.g. those responsible for fraud detection);
   c. Cookies used for "information-related purposes" (e.g. those collecting information on how the Users utilize the WEBSITE);   
   d. "Analytical" Cookies (e.g. those collecting information about the source of Internet traffic, devices used by Users, their resolution, and operating systems);
   e. "Memory-based" Cookies (e.g. those responsible for storing Users’ settings in terms of language, region, font size, etc.);
   f. Cookies provided by "third parties" (e.g. those responsible for the proper functioning of parts of the WEBSITE managed by external service and software providers);
   g.  "Advertising-related" Cookies (e.g. those responsible for providing Users with content tailored to their preferences and interests); 
10. By using the WEBSITE, the User agrees for Cookies to be utilized in accordance with the provisions of this document.  
11. To disallow for the use of Cookie files, the User shall change the settings of his or her browser (Edge, Chrome, Opera, etc.) or discontinue using the WEBSITE.

Advertising content

1. As part of the WEBSITE, the ADMINISTRATOR may use tools allowing for tracking and analyzing Users’ activities within the scope of the WEBSITE, such as:
   a. Google Analytics;
   b. Facebook Pixel.
2. Data collected by the tools shall not be used to identify Users’ identity and shall be limited to:  
   a. their approximate location;
   b. type of device used and operating system utilized;  
   c. type of web browser used;
   d. gender;
   e. age range;
   f. interests;
   g. period of time spent browsing the WEBSITE;
   h. actions performed within the WEBSITE.

Final provisions

1. Those Terms and Conditions shall be from the date of their publication on the WEBSITE.
2. Changes to those Terms and Conditions shall be valid from the date of their publication on the WEBSITE.
3. If the User does not accept those Terms and Conditions or changes introduced to it, he or she shall immediately discontinue using the WEBSITE.