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Our restaurant is located on the Spichrzów Island, a place where history and the past meet progress and innovation. It is the spot where modern architecture combined with historic tenement houses creates breathtaking sights to behold. The heart of the city beats there without a shadow of a doubt. A sunny terrace and a glass conservatory allow guests to enjoy the panorama of Gdansk all year round and - above all else - give then the opportunity of experiencing the real flow of the city. The interior of TRUE, dominated by wood, stone, metal, fabrics and leather, is a condensed story of Gdansk, in which the sea has its own chapter.

Our team does not constitute of random people. Our staff, starting from the chef, through bartenders, room managers, waiters, sommeliers, up to the owners, are people for whom gastronomy is something more than just work. They are ambitious, hungry for knowledge, but also humble and full of respect for tradition. For them, cuisine is the key matter and hospitality is the synonym of the restaurant. There is no place for pomposity or insincere smiles. We love our work and our guests. Let us introduce ourselves to you.